Our History

CUPE Local 759 Outside Workers is a local formed from the former city of Sydney Local 759. CUPE 759 was used to absorb all the Locals after 7 former municipalites and Cape Breton County amalagated in 1995 into what is now known as the Cape Breton Regional Municipality or CBRM.

The former union locals comprising the current Local 759 are CUPE Locals 232, 755, 757 A&B, 759, 760, 761, 850, 1545, and 3310, CAW Local 4230. We currently number around 300 but our numbers appear to be in a downward trend since amalagation.

Our local comprises people who operate buses, work in solid waste, work in the water utility, work in waste water, clean and maitain buildings, trades from concrete, electrical, carpentry and menchanical, heavy equipment operators, labour and utility service for sewers, water and parks and grounds. We provide public sevices to maintain and build the CBRM today and into the future.